How Many Implants Will I Need For My Implant Denture?

Implant-supported dentures have restored the smiles, as well as the self-confidence, of countless patients around the world. They are designed to replace multiple teeth at once, often feeling and looking so natural that it is difficult to tell the difference. 

Widely considered a more desirable option than removable dentures, implant-supported dentures combine the general form of dentures with sturdy titanium dental implants. As dental implants are known to produce excellent, long-lasting results, implant-supported dentures have proven effective for many in turn. While these anchored dentures are secured by four to six implants, the precise number of implants you need will depend on a few factors. 

Implant-supported dentures generally come in three different types: 

  • Full-mouth reconstruction, in which a combination of two or more procedures are needed to restore oral function and improve smile appearance. A full-mouth reconstruction may incorporate implant-supported dentures when multiple teeth are missing or irreparably damaged. 
  • All-on-4™, in which four implants are used as “anchors” to secure each denture in a sturdy position. All-on-4 can effectively replace both the upper and lower teeth layers of your mouth.
  • All-on-6, in which six implants are used as anchors. All-on-6™ is often used when the jawbone is not strong enough to only be supported by four implants and needs the extra security of two additional implants. 

Your dentist will help you decide the appropriate number of implants based on the location of the teeth you need replaced (upper or lower), the particular condition of your mouth or jaw, the strength of your bones, and more. Before the procedure, your dentist will thoroughly inspect your mouth and plan the specifics of your surgery to ensure a safe and successful implant placement. This consultation will also provide an opportunity for your dentist to determine the number of implants you will need for your new denture.

Our team at The Paddington Dental Surgery strives to provide a safe, compassionate, encouraging environment in our Sydney office. We always welcome questions and concerns and will do our best to address both so you are well-informed. Schedule your consultation to discuss implant-supported dentures today.

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