Getting Braces for the First Time: What Do They Feel Like?

Getting ceramic braces is an exciting experience. Soon your teeth will be straighter and your smile more beautiful. But it’s also normal to feel some trepidation about the process. Many patients, young children and adults alike, wonder what to expect. Will it hurt to get the brackets placed? Will it be uncomfortable to have them adjusted? These are common concerns, and our skilled dentist, Dr Natalie Dumer, can help put your mind at ease during your initial consultation. While everyone’s experience is just a little bit different, we can provide an overview of what braces will feel like to help you prepare.

You shouldn’t feel any pain when the brackets are secured to your teeth. No pressure is applied at this point, and the equipment is attached using a special type of adhesive. You may feel some slight pressure when the wire, which slides through each bracket and is secured to the back teeth, is tightened, but this sensation will pass after a few days. The braces may at first feel rough against your cheeks, tongue, and other soft tissues of your mouth. We will provide some wax you can use to cover any metal parts that cause irritation until you are used to it.

Light pressure is used to help guide your teeth into the desired position, and this process may occasionally cause some brief discomfort. If needed, you can take an over-the-counter pain medication while you get used to the sensation. Be aware that children should only use medications designed for their use. If discomfort becomes pain, contact our practice right away—no one should have to suffer for a beautiful smile. Fortunately, these effects are typically mild and temporary. Most patients have a reasonably pleasant teeth-straightening experience and find the process well worth the result. Of course, if you want to know more, we always welcome your questions.

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