What Is All-on-4™?

Having a smile that is uncomfortable, physically or psychologically, is a major concern for many people. If you’re using a traditional removable denture to replace missing teeth, you may experience difficulty eating what you like and having the confidence to smile whenever you feel like it. Fortunately, a solution that bridges the gap between a full set of dental implants and traditional removable dentures is available, and it’s called All-on-4.

All-on-4, as the name suggests, uses four dental implants to secure a denture appliance to either the upper arch, lower arch, or both. In some instances, six dental implants are used, in which case this procedure is known as All-on-6. The location of the dental implants is carefully selected to provide a strong, secure, and comfortable fit that shouldn’t wiggle or chafe. Additionally, the denture is designed to look like a natural set of teeth. All-on-4 implant-anchored dentures offer lower maintenance than traditional dentures, a lower cost than a full set of dental implants, and the fantastic outcome you have come to expect from our practice.

Ready to trade in traditional dentures for something a bit more modern? Talk to us today to see if All-on-4 is right for you.

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